Our Hayden family in Texas

Sometime before 1860 Dr. Joseph Thompson Hayden and Constantine Basil Palmer brought their families to Texas. They settled in Wilson County which became the Texas ancestral home of our Hayden and allied families. The Haydens have been in Texas for over 155 years and by marriage into families already in Texas, our ancestors have been here since Texas was an independent nation.

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Hayden family Magazine

The Hayden Magazine was published from 1929 to 1933. Published by Charles Hayden.

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New website launched.

new WEbsite launched

This Hayden Family website was originally launched in July of 1996 and has gone through many changes since the first site. I will attempt to post more family information on this site than ever before. If you have information, documents or photos, please contact me and we will get the information online so it can be shared with all the interested family members.

I can be contacted at ehayden@hayden.org